Numbers don't lie

Here at EG we take pride in our numbers and we absolutely don't try to hide them. We are totally transparent and want you to know exactly what is going on with the company and expect the same from our team reps. After all, being accountable is how you get better! Here is the proof.


The machine

Let us give you a little rundown on what has been going on over the last two summers. EG has experienced some insane growth and we need help facilitating that growth. We don't plan on slowing down anytime soon; we love the rush too much. 


Don't be mistaken though. This growth didn't just "happen". EG has a system that produces results regardless of a persons experience, current skill set or any other thing you feel might hinder a person from having success. If you don't believe us, just keep reading.

nate carter

I guess this guy did alright for his first summer....ok.... he killed it!! Nate-dawg comes from an athletic background and after hanging up the cleats from a successful football career with BYU, decided to give pest control and EG a try. 

In his first summer, here are some of his killer stats

  • Sold : 416 (avg contract value = $557)
  • A-Pay : 97%
  • Bonus Cash made : $11,000
  • Multi-Years : 166

Those are freakishly impressive numbers for a first year.

Nate dawg.jpg

danny c.

Danny boy is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. Danny came from selling Dish and had a rough first year with Dish. He worked his tail off in his FIRST summer in pest with EG and serviced 337 accounts. The most he sold in one day was 13 ONE day! Oh and btw, he had a wife and kid to take care of while doing all that. He is only going to sell more and more from here. 

tyler m.

Tyler has been around in the pest business for a good minute now. During school he was on one of those weird BYU-Idaho tracks and only had 6-weeks off during the year to go do the summer grind. He would only sell 4-5 weeks total and his best run was of 130 accounts in those 4-5 weeks. Ain't bad.

Ry guy dude.jpg

EG ready 1.jpg

The EG company.

Alright, now you have seen just a couple of the top ballers from EG. Let us give you some company-wide stats :

  • Avg. Serviced per rep : 179
  • Avg. Bonus Cash per rep : $4,100
  • Increased our company-wide accounts by 823%